Research Team

Published time:2013-07-06

Research team of the laboratory is composed of 27 scholars, covering finance, information, management, applied mathematics, statistics, and other disciplines (alphabetically):

NameTitleResearch AreasAdministration Duty
CAO XiaoLecturerSystem and Behavioral Finance
Cao ZhiguangAssociate ProfessorAsset Pricing, Behavioral Finance
Chen QihongProfessorOptimal Control Theory of Distributed Parameter Systems and Application
Han DongmeiProfessorNonlinear Prediction, Decision-making Model and Decision Support SystemAssociate Dean of School of Information Management and Engineering
Hao XiaolingAssociate ProfessorIT Service Management,IT Risk Management and Auditing
Huang HailiangAssociate ProfessorCustomer Behavior in E-commerce and Mechanism Design
Han SongqiaoLecturerMobile E-commerce, Pervasive and Mobile Computing
Liu YaliProfessorDesign of Complex Financial Products, Micro-level of Foreign Exchange Risk Management, Financial PlanningAssociate Dean of  School of Finance
Li YanhongAssociate ProfessorEnterprise Information Technology, Data Mining and Decision Support
Liang ZhianProfessorPortfolio Choice Theory,Multi-objective Decision AnalysisDirector of Department of Applied Mathematics
Ma WenjieAssociate ProfessorFinancial Derivatives and Fund Markets,   Corporate Investment and Financing
Ran QikangProfessorFinancial Mathematics,Actuarial Mathematics
Wang KeqiangProfessorFinancial Mathematics and Financial Egineering
Wang AnxingAssociate ProfessorFinancial Engineering, Asset Pricing,Risk Management
Wang SongxinAssociate ProfessorData Mining and Decision-making Support
Wang HaijunLecturerEconomic Mathematics
Xu XiaopingProfessorSmall and Middle Enterprises Financing, Non-formal Finance, Corporate Finance, InternationalFinanceDirector of Small Business Financing Research Center
Xu LongbingProfessorMarket Microstructure, Behavioral FinanceDeputy Director of  Finance Institute
Xu GuoxiangProfessorMacroeconomic Analysis and Forecasting,Economics Statistics,Financial Statistics,Theory and Methods of Socio-economic Indicators

Yang DakaiProfessorInvestment Economics, Finance,National Economics
Yao LingzhenProfessorTheory and Policy of Real Estate Economic,  Theory and Policy of National EconomicAssistant to President of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics
Yu LiLecturerSupply Chain Management, Optimal Decision-making Methods
Zeng XudongAssociate ProfessorSecurities and Futures
Zhang ChaoAssociate ProfessorData Mining and Decision Support
Zhou YongProfessorFinancial RisksExecutive Associate Dean of School of Statistics and Management
Zhou XieyongLecturerEconomic Mathematics