Research Areas

Published time:2013-06-29

1)Financial system simulation and financial regulation

Mainly includes:

(1) Capital projects releasing approaches under the internationalization orientation of RMB;

(2) Impacts of cross-border capital flows on financial markets under the internationalization of the RMB;

(3) Research on supervision of international ‘hot money’ flows.:

2)Network finance and innovation of financial products

Mainly includes:

(1) SME financing models study and development of financing platform;

(2) Development and application of supply chain finance platform;

(3) Development and application of the third-party payment platform;

(4) Research on design and innovation of securities derivatives.。

3)Financial risk management

Mainly includes:

(1) Research on early warning of macro-financial risks;

(2) Research on market risk management;

(3) Credit risk management;

(4)Research on measurement and control operation risk of information systems.

4)Intelligent decision support based on massive data mining

Mainly includes:

(1) Study and application on financial data warehouse and massive data mining technology;

(2) Intelligent decision-making system of customer management;

(3) Study and application on intelligent decision of investment.