Personnel Recruitment

发表于:2013-07-02 分类 :Recruitment

The laboratory invites applications for the following position, welcome domestic and international talents to join.

1)Teaching and Research PositionMajor in: Financial Engineering, Computer Science, Applied Mathematics.Requirements: Ph.D., under 40 years old.

2) Management PositionResponsibilities: daily management and administrative work of the laboratory, including research projects management, funds management, research results management, laboratory annual report and assessment, academic conference, information publication and maintenance of laboratory websites and public R&D platform.Requirements: master degree, experiences in management or administration, capability of computer applications.

3) Information Technology Position  Responsibilities: transformation of research results, including development of application systems and database systems, research on financial data standards, maintenance and management of database servers.Requirements: master degree, experiences in software development, system integration, data warehouse and data mining, persons with financial institution IT background is preferred.

Candidates please send English or Chinese resume to: Tel: 65902786. Contact: Xia Mengjie.