Published time:2013-07-02

Shanghai key laboratory of financial information technology was approved by Shanghai Scientific and Technological Commission in 2003, and was established in January 2004. At the beginning, the laboratory was set up together by Fudan Sungard Computer Co., Ltd., School of Computer Science of Fudan University and Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. In 2011, supporting units of the laboratory were adjusted to Shanghai University of Finance and Economics by the experts of Shanghai Scientific and Technological Commission. At present, the director of the laboratory is Professor Wang Hongwei, who is the vice-president of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. The director of Academic Committee is Professor Wang Yingluo, who is academician of Chinese Academy of engineering. Research team is composed by a certain amount of high level, high-quality scholars across all age groups.

The laboratory is a good platform for the construction of Shanghai financial information. The operation mode of the laboratory is open, supported by multiple investments and institutions, it could break the separation between disciplines, industries and institutions, give full play to the advantages of all aspects, and realize the combination of production, science and research. At the same time, the laboratory has formulated orderly organizational structure, set up research team, and established scientific and democratic management systems for spending funds, applying projects, evaluating performance, updating equipment, cooperation and communication. They are important guarantees for mobilizing members' enthusiasm, giving fullplay to their academic strengths and expertise, and striving for more achievements in scientific research.

Based on the principle of high starting point and high standard, making use of advantages of both universities and enterprises, focusing on the combination of financial innovation and information technology, in order to meeting the development strategy of ‘building Shanghai into an international financial center’, by means of compromising the merits of multiple disciplines such as finance, economics, statistics and information science, the laboratory delicates to financial innovation, including system innovation, product innovation and application innovation, and also performs researches on financial information technology in order to achieve advanced scientific results and transform them into application, supplying high-quality social services for the government, financial industries and other industries related as well. By the combination of production, science and research, the laboratory will be an important base of scientific research, social services and personal training center in fields of finance and information technology in Shanghai.